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Catheter Hole Forming Machine:  MI-Series

Catheter hole precision at a lower cost. CATHTIP’s proprietary Flow Thru™ Hollow Drills also reign supreme in our MI-Series pneumatic machine with manual indexing.

Enjoy the primary benefits of our premier CATHTIP catheter hole drilling equipment, but in a lower-cost manual tabletop machine.

We custom build each machine to your application’s specifications. Tell us about your project and we’ll develop your process and produce samples for approval. You get to see a finished part before you order the machine!

It’s easy to operate! Simple, thread the mandrel, manually depress the lid and the catheter hole making process begins. Cores are evacuated and isolated as per our proprietary standards. Set it up for one application, but quick drill changes and easy swap tooling allow for operators to swiftly move to another.


Precision Drilling Platform     •     Captured Cores     •    Modular Capable Tooling Bar     •    Quick and Easy Set-up     •    Low Operating Cost     •    Small Footprint     •   Burr-Free Catheter Holes

catheter hole drilling machine
catheter hole drilling machine
catheter hole drilling machine

CATHTIP supports low to high volume production runs in our certified ISO 14644-1 Class 7 clean room.  We can serve as your start-up facility with support from on-site process engineers.

MI-Series Benefits:



Clean, controlled holes
Cutting parameters engineered into a precision drilling platform that drives the drill precisely through the wall of the catheter to make a hole that is rounded on the outside and burr free on the inside. Both drills and catheter are held in position with high accuracy to deliver the utmost results.

Captured Cores

No loose cores
The cores are immediately evacuated through the drill bit at the moment of creation – therefore isolating them completely as they then travel through the machine and are captured in a filter chamber. This virtually eliminates the chance of loose cores in the catheter or uncut holes, while keeping the work area clear of debris.



Wide range of applications
The machine can accept catheter diameters from 3 French (0.040˝) to 28 French (0.368˝); and form hole diameters as small as 0.018˝. The linear indexer can be stretched to accommodate very wide hole spacing.

Low Operating Cost

No disposable mandrel
The cost of a disposable inner mandrel is eliminated. The sharp cutting edge of the drill can eliminate the need for an inner support. When the sharp edge is inadequate for difficult materials we use a permanently mounted soft tip mandrel to replace the disposable inner mandrel.


Versatile Tooling

Suitable for many lumen configurations
The machine can be tooled for complex lumen configurations. This includes double Dee, concentric tubes, double barrel shotgun, crescent moon, 8 lumen etc. High magnification camera can be added to accurately locate the smallest lumen.

Quick and Easy Set-Up

Interchangeable Tooling
Whether swapping out the toolbar module to work on a different application or simply replacing the drill & cradle plate for a different size configuration, an experienced technician can do this in a couple of minutes.

CATHTIP MI-Series Technical Details:

ACTUATION:     cam driven motion platform
FOOTPRINT:      16˝ depth x 24˝ wide
WEIGHT:      25 pounds
DRIVES:      pneumatic rotary actuator or low speed synchronous motor
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENT:      .053 amp 110 VAC (if equipped)

AIR REQUIREMENT:      87 psi,  0.74 scfm
MAXIMUM DRILL STROKE:     1/8˝ or 1/4˝
LINEAR INDEX:      operator controlled
ROTARY INDEX:      operator controlled
CORE REMOVAL:      24 in. Hg vacuum at sea level

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