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Catheter Tipping & Hole Punching Machines

400 Series hole forming equipment

Drill fast, clean, best-quality holes in standard and multi-lumen catheters using our proprietary core-capture technology.  Save time and money when catheter hole drilling with this tabletop, four axis stepper motor controlled machine.  Learn more

Flex Drill hole drilling equipment

Enjoy the same clean, burr-free holes using our proprietary Flow Thru™ hollow drills, but in a low-cost, mounted or hand-held device with flexible positioning.  Perfect for hole forming in catheter prototypes and early development applications.  Learn more

Catheter Tipping, Bonding, Flaring on the Magnum

Produce the highest quality parts with speed and consistency on our precision catheter forming systems. Achieve flashless tips, smooth bonds, and exacting geometry with almost all thermo-plastic materials. The Magnum provides the most flexible RF architecture on the market, capable of tip forming, flaring and bonding in production or R&D settings. Learn more

Catheter Tipping, Bonding, Flaring on the Quantum

Quantum is a tabletop tipping machine designed for simpler production environments, yet delivers the same superior outputs expected of the CATHTIP standard. Enjoy a tailor-engineered solution for your applications delivered & installed turnkey.  Produce multiple operations achieving flashless tips, smooth bonds, and exacting geometry on one machine with modular tooling.  Learn more

1. Catheter Hole Punching Machines


  • Flow Thru™ core evacuation
  • Clean, burr-free holes
  • Long drill life
  • 5 holes per second cycle time
  • Tool-less drill change
  • Auto drill edge detection & homing
  • Broad range of catheter applications
  • Low operating cost
  • Small footprint – tabletop
  • Custom designed setups & processes
  • Custom automation
  • On-site support & training

Learn more about the 400 Series

Learn more about the Flex Drill

2. Catheter Tipping Machines

catheter tipping better comparison photoExample of how CATHTIP’s flashless tipping forms your part to its true intended geometry AND in one step! See our sample on the left vs. the poor quality competitor product on the right.


  • Enjoy a tailor-engineered solution for your applications delivered & installed turnkey
  • Produce quality flashless tips efficiently with CATHTIP proprietary carbide tipping dies
  • Produce a wide range of applications – flares, flanges, angular welds, bonds, multi-lumen shape transitions, butt welds, balloon to catheter welds, neck downs, soft-tip fusion, metal-to-tube adhering, sheaths, dilators, radio-opaque, strain relief bonds, swaged metal needle guides, tube-in-tube bonds, etc.
  • Produce multiple operations on one machine with modular tooling
  • Work with extrusions sizes ranging from 1 FR to 34+ FR
  • Maximize operator safety via light curtain & E-Stop safety circuit

Learn more about the Magnum

Learn more about the Quantum

3. Custom Catheter Tipping and Hole Punching Automation

Save and time and money with full automation options.

This video shows a robot that performs tipping and hole forming in a layout conducive for a tradeshow environment.

Machine positioning and robot speed are significantly enhanced for actual customers’ projects.

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