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Experienced Catheter Device Specialty Manufacturing

ISO-13485-2016-catheter-tippingMedical device specialty manufacturing in a certified ISO 14644-1 Class 7 clean room facility.

Catheter Device Specialty Manufacturing to Support Your Success

Our top-tier team focuses on tipping, bonding, flaring and hole drilling your catheters and medical components with QUALITY and PRECISION.  CATHTIP’s proprietary technology provides the most consistent and highest quality parts, from the most basic Foley and I.V. catheters to intricate devices used in sensitive surgeries and procedures.

Attention to Detail

Our results set us apart from the contract manufacturing competition – consistent, quality catheters and parts made by skilled technicians in the USA. Ask our experienced development team to make sample parts of your catheter design to demonstrate the quality of our work.


Process Development

CATHTIP skilled technicians provide proof-of-concept, rapid prototypes and process refinement for your new product. Our superior tipping, bonding and hole drilling experience gives you added expertise if you need material and geometry guidance.


Ongoing Specialty Manufacturing

We’ll manage your catheter production volume – whether high or low – with quality results in our ISO 14644-1 Certified Class 7 clean room. Equipment customers find value in keeping 10-20% of production with us to ensure their supply chain with the same machines, tooling and processes.


Occasional Small Batch Fulfillment

For occasional medical manufacturing needs – we can produce low-volume or short duration runs of catheters or other medical devices.


Prototype & Engineering Qualifications

Our clean room technicians can create prototypes of catheters or medical devices needed for qualification and validation studies.


Process Validation

Whether you have a new product or are transferring a product line, we can provide validation policy and procedure compliance documentation to suit regulatory requirements.


Product Assembly

We can provide simple or complex product assembly.


  • High or low volume production accommodations
  • Rapid response to changing capacity needs & evolving specifications
  • On-site process engineers
  • On-site machine maintenance, calibration & acquisition
  • On-site tooling design, drafting & fabrication
  • Reliable U.S.-based facility
  • Superior medical device component manufacturing & assembly
  • Primary or secondary manufacturing source option
  • Product testing according to specifications.Detailed inspection of finished products.
  • Packaging to specification.
catheter tipping contract manufacturing
catheter tipping holes examples
Catheter tipping application capabilities for specialty manufacturing include:

Balloon Catheter – Shaft or Tip Bond    •    Bonded Metal Tip Cryogenic    •    Bonded Metal Tip Drain Tube    •    Braid End Cap    •    Closed End Catheters    •    Dilators and Sheaths    •    Flares and Flanges    •    Hard Tip, Soft Shaft Catheters    •    IV Catheter Tipping    •    Metal-Tipped    •    Steerable Catheter    •    Multi-Lumen Shape Transition    •    Neck Down Catheters    •    Radiopaque Catheters    •    Soft Tips – Catheters    •    Strain Relief Bond    •    Swaged Metal Needle Guide    •    Lay Flat Balloon Catheter – Single or Multilumen    •    Tube In Tube Bond    •    & others

Catheter hole punching application capabilities  for contract manufacturing include:

Hole sizes down to .018”    •    Precise multi-lumen location    •    Holes drilled between braids of catheter tubing    •    Unmatched hole quality for burr-free catheter hole drilling

Let our catheter experts manage your medical contract manufacturing  –  we’re experienced with complex parts.

ISO 13485:2016 Certified Quality Management System

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