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Quality Dies for Catheter Tipping, Flaring and Bonding


CATHTIP’s superior catheter tipping dies are designed to deliver flashless tips and are made from high-density carbide for extended production life and optimal RF-induction response.  

We also offer alternate materials, such as stainless steel and nickel, and 3D-printed, high-temperature plastic or ceramic for proof-of-concept, rapid prototyping or R&D purposes.

Tipping dies that form most any geometry needed for catheter tipping or medical applications.  

Need sample parts for proof-of-concept?  With our extensive library of existing dies, we can often produce a close approximation of your catheter design, whether you need simple tip forming, complex tip forming, flaring, flanging, or bonding.

Rapid prototyping?  We’ll manufacture a die to your specific geometry, incorporating CATHTIP® proprietary design features.

Testing samples?  We supply engineering samples for qualification studies.

catheter tipping dies proof of concept prototype R&D long taper die
catheter tipping dies designer engineer

Tipping dies are mounted in a water-cooled block with a thread-in, thread-out design for speedy production changes.  Our standard carbide dies are extremely durable and resistant to wear from production cycles and cleaning operations.  

CATHTIP provides process development so your catheter tipping machines arrive with tooling mounted and parameters set.  You are ready to go with accurate, repeatable, quality operation capability for your manufacturing success.

If preferred, we can make parts for you in our cleanroom with ISO 13485 certified quality system.  We are happy to support you at any stage, be it proof of concept, qualification runs, low volume production, or high volume production.


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