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Catheter Tipping

The Quantum


Superior Catheter Tipping Technology


CATHTIP’s tabletop semi-automatic catheter tipping machine supports your needs for flashless tipping and fast, precise geometry formation. Tipping, flaring and bonding processes are accurate, repeatable, speedy and superior.

The CATHTIP Proven Process assists at whatever stage you need:  proof-of-concept, prototyping, design refinement, trial samples, process development, machines, and production.

Take a VIDEO TOUR of the Quantum Catheter Tipping, Forming and Flaring Machine.

We do catheter tipping custom automation – contact us about your application needs.   cathinfo@cathtip.com

CATHTIP IV Quantum – precise, powerful, tabletop catheter tipping

The most flexible RF architecture on the market. Powered by Ambrell RF generator with a power output of 1.2 kW @ 400kHz.
Compact footprint. The power of superior technology in a tabletop design: 21″ x 31″ x 23″
Closed-loop stepper motor and micro-controller operation of heat output and cooling for precise catheter forming.
Semi-automatic carriage minimizes operator variability.
Multi-stage heating capability for exacting catheter formation.
PLC control of machine functions for intuitive touchscreen interface.
Take advantage of Our proven process and receive your machine turnkey ready.
Safety features, such as:

–  Optical touch sensor

–  User-specified alarm

–  E-stop

–  Optional light curtain.

Liquid cooled RF generator, induction coil and die mounting block.  Liquid cooling is integrated into the RF generator and ported to dual manifolds at the tooling workspace to provide cooling to the die mounting block and induction coil.  A key step in thermo-forming processes is setting the formed shape by cooling.  Liquid cooling of the die mounting block enables better process control and shorter cycle times.
Modular “Black Box” tooling design and quick disconnect for RF, air, & IR sensor provides quick change-over ability and 1-minute setup. Great for both R&D and production.
All surfaces are clean-room suitable – the Quantum utilizes anodized aluminum platform with stainless steel panels.
CE compliant.

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Key benefits of the Quantum catheter tipping machine:

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