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Cath-Tip continues to offer expertise in tooling design, process development, tipping equipment and project assistance. Our sister company Cath-Punch continues to provide the same with hole-punching equipment. Well, our family continues to grow… watch this video to learn how we can now assist you at the production stage even more:

Production Medical

Skilled technicians produce your catheters in an ISO 14644-1 Certified Class 7 Clean Room.


VIDEO: Contract manufacturing with Production Medical

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Providing expertise in catheter manufacturing

1.  All of our manufacturing is done right here in the USA, and right next door to our sister companies who build the tipping and hole punching machines.  This translates into high quality and unparalleled support to ensure your supply chain is not interrupted.

2.  Use us to take development work off your plate!  Not only can we manufacture your catheter devices, but we can help develop them as well.  We recently helped a customer reduce the insertion force of their catheter by 30% by modifying the tip geometry.

3.  Take advantage of our equipment!  For startups and small companies it can be challenging to justify purchase of capital assets for new products until sales volumes are sufficient to support it.  Even at a large company it can be difficult to gain access to production assets for development time.  We can help in a couple different ways, as follow:

•   Have us run your parts. We specialize in making small lots and low volumes.  Whether it’s using some tooling from our available libraries or using tooling that we make custom for your application, you save the cost of the machine.  If it turns out that your project isn’t going to take off, you’ve saved a lot of money and time in the learning.

•   You can come to our facility and spend a couple days or a couple weeks, if you like, using our cleanroom and our equipment to do development work or run engineering samples.  We have access to Cath-Tip and Cath-Punch tooling libraries and can usually find sizes and shapes that approximate what a customer wants to try.  Run some parts, do some testing, change some things and run more parts.  By the time you leave you should have some solid direction on what to do next.

Call Production Medical about your catheter project directly at 435-828-1775 or email solutions@cathtip.com

Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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