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Rapid prototyping, perhaps?  …  Episode #1 in our Cath-Tip Proven Process Series showed our Proof of Concept process. Here in Episode #2 we will walk through our basic Prototyping process. Our technical team is at your service ready to collaborate with you and your team to come up with the best solution. You can count on the Cath-Tip family of companies as your partner throughout all stages of the catheter manufacturing process.

CATH-TIP PROVEN PROCESS, STEP #2:  Rapid Prototyping


Pre-Clinical Trials


Your medical device needs to be precise. In the Prototyping Stage we help you optimize the design and produce custom tooling to meet tight tolerance requirements (+/- .0003″). The Cath-Tip team has years of expertise designing and developing production-worthy components.

We first analyze customer drawings and discuss the design with the customer. Then the tooling is drafted and reviewed internally, and by our customer if needed. Next we have the tooling manufactured and once received, we verify that tooling was made to spec and can produce quality parts. Lastly, we develop a recipe and produce exact-to-spec samples and ship them to the customer to do their testing.

*If you are at an earlier stage and can experiment with different geometry or/and extrusion material, we can design multiple die/drill configurations and use different materials to determine best performance and ease of manufacturing.

We would love to help you move your project along from proof of concept to production. Contact us and we can discuss your project details.

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