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Have you wondered why Cath-Tip uses radio-frequency energy in our tipping machines?


Simple. Our customers demand the best, and the best way to achieve the highest quality parts with flashless tips is through Radio Frequency Induction.  Please read on, then let us know how we may serve you today.




The most flexible RF architecture on the market allows medical manufacturers to produce flashless, highest quality catheter tips in the shortest cycle times possible. Generally, cycle times are measured in seconds and parts come out of the forming die with no flash  =  no need for secondary trimming operations.

We are often able to cut process sequences and labor requirements in half by delivering flashless tips and shortened cycle times.


flexible catheter tipping machine coilsBETTER CONTROL

Our catheter tipping machines are built around a 450KHz, 1KW RF generator – producing enough power for most any thermoplastic forming application. A field of oscillating electromagnetic energy is generated around a customized copper coil. A die with desired geometry contained in its cavity is mounted within the energy field and is induced with heat very rapidly. The shape of the coil and its position relative to the die allow us to create just the right amount of heat in just the right locations to optimally form tips, flares, or bonds.


The liquid cooled induction coil and die mounting block, along with air-cooling nozzles, provide a means to isolate heat and set the final form of the tip.

A key step in thermo-forming processes is setting the formed shape by cooling.  Air nozzles aimed at strategic points on the die allow for rapid cooling of the die and setting of the final shape of the formed part.  Liquid cooling is integrated into the workstation and ported to dual manifolds at the tooling workspace to provide cooling to the die mounting block and induction coil.  Liquid cooling of the die mounting block enables better process control and shorter cycle times by isolating heat and preventing its transfer to undesired areas of the forming die.


Cath-Tip invented and perfected the finest catheter tipping equipment on the market. For over 20 years our machines have given major medical manufacturers worldwide the ability to produce the highest quality parts. 

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