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Did you know Cath-Tip processes and equipment can help speed up your production in multiple ways? In addition to flashless tipping and higher yield of quality parts, we also offer customization such as 2-up processing. We seek to partner with you on your projects to grow your success. Please read below and then contact us about your application:  solutions@cathtip.com.

2-Up Tipping and Flaring Process

Cath-Tip did custom development that saved a customer valuable production time.

Capable and Flexible

The Cath-Tip Magnum offers the most capable and flexible RF induction heating technology for thermoforming on the market. Using a 450 Khz, 1 KW generator, it’s capable of tipping, flaring and/or bonding any thermoplastic extrusions from 1.5 Fr to 34 Fr, but not limited.

Custom project that we worked on with a customer.

The customer had an application that required tipping on one end and flaring on the other. They asked us if it was possible to tip and flare in one cycle. We took a close look at the application to see what it would require and came to the conclusion that with the right tooling we could make it happen. We then designed the tooling and had it manufactured. Once tooling was completed, we began to develop the process. Once the process was producing quality flares and tips consistently and was approved by the customer, we shipped their 2-up custom tooling and tipping and flaring recipe for an easy transition. The customer has been tipping and flaring parts for over 6 months.

And we can do the same for YOU.

Let us know if there is an application that you would like us to develop and bring to fruition on our capable and flexible Cath-Tip Magnum.

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Call us at 1-435-628-1775  or  write us at solutions@cathtip.com to discuss your catheter project.

Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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