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Do you have a new application or process that you would like to develop and optimize using our technology? With decades of experience, the combined units in our business family are available to assist with your catheter product from concept to market. We do more than just sell machines – please read below about one customer’s experience with our proven process …

catheter bonding forming case studyCustomer Experiences the IMH Proven Process

Step 1: Initial contact: A company contacted us to see if we could help them improve their current process and reduce force insertion. We looked over the current results, drawings, and material. We came to the conclusion that this was a project that we could improve.

Step 2: Custom Samples: They sent us their extrusions, we made a handful of flashless tips using our off-the-shelf tooling, and we shipped them the tipped parts. They did some testing and immediately were able to see results of less insertion force due to flashless tipping. Their current process did not yield a consistent radius, due to the required second step to trim flash.

Step 3: Custom Tooling: They wanted to see if we could push the limit and see how much more we could reduce insertion force. We then made 5 different dies with different geometries. We tipped more parts using each die and shipped them out. They did testing on all the units, compared results and picked out the die that gave the best results. Then a complete set of custom production tooling was designed and made.

Step 4: Process Development:  Once the production tooling was complete, the customer asked us to help with process characterization to lock down the process.

Step 5: Production: The customer decided to purchase a machine and run parts at their facility. We went to their facility to install the machine and train the operators. Then we continued to support them through the IQ process.

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RESULT: We were able to reduce force insertion by half and decrease the tipping time and eliminate the flash trimming process. Read more about the IMH Proven Process for your tipping or/and hole drilling applications: 

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Experience The IMH Proven Process Yourself!


Step 1: Samples.   Click the link below so that we can send you a bag with random samples of flares, bonds, tips and holes to show off the quality results our equipment and engineering team can deliver. See photo examples online here.  Request samples solutions@cathtip.com.

Step 2: Custom Samples.   Send us your drawings and extrusion. We’ll make samples for you to the closest geometry possible using our in-house tooling.

Step 3: Custom Tooling Design.   Work together with our engineers to design custom tooling to meet the specs on your drawings or possibly improve on it.

Step 4: Process Development.   We’ll do as much as you want us to do: from developing to a good starting point to production ready ( 90% + yield).

Step 5: Production.   Now that we have proven our quality results, it’s time to go into production. Purchase a machine and we can train your operators to run the process; or you can have us run your parts here in our clean room and save the cost of purchasing a machine.

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We know each product requires the utmost attention. We are with you from start to finish and can accommodate your projects however you see fit. 

Call us at 1-435-628-1775  or  write us at solutions@cathtip.com to discuss your catheter project.

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