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Did you know our Magnum tipping machine can form long dilator tapers over 3 inches?  Please watch the video below to see a variety of dilators that we are able to form with our Cath-Tip Magnum or Legacy machines.

Long Dilator Tipping

VIDEO: Demonstration of tipping long dilators.


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How can Cath-Tip form such long dilators?

The requirements to form long, thick wall dilators include:  power, heat control, push force and efficient cooling ability.

The Cath-Tip Magnum uses a 450 KHz, 1KW RF generator with enough power to heat treat steel. The HMI allows for precise control of heat using 3 different methods: Current Control, Temperature Control (both closed-loop) or Percentage Power. Another aspect of heat control is coil design. Long taper dilators often require unique coil configurations in order to start the material moving, keep it moving along the length of the taper without degrading, and finish with a clean flashless tip.

The Cath-Tip Magnum uses a precise and powerful 200W servo drive to advance and form the taper. It’s also important to mention that the Magnum uses closed-loop force control via a force transducer.

Once the part is formed it must be cooled down quickly to prevent overheating, heat bubbles or sticking. The magnum uses air nozzles strategically positioned to cool down the die quickly and also uses the die mounting block as a water jacket to keep the lead-in of the die cool.

The combination of a powerful generator, precision control architecture, motion and cooling – along with deep experience and engineering capability – enable Cath-Tip equipment to form long, thick wall dilators.

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