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CATHTIP offers our customers complete catheter solutions, including catheter production choices. Last month we looked at utilizing CATHTIP trained technicians in our ISO 14644-1 Certified Class 7 clean room. Today we’ll look at the option to purchase equipment and custom tooling to run production at your facility.

CATH-TIP PROVEN PROCESS, STEP #5:  Machine Acquisition

Machine Acquisition

RF Catheter Tipping 


CATHTIP offers two superior RF catheter tipping machine models:  The Magnum and The Quantum.

Both machines use the same black box tooling sets to produce premium quality parts.  Both provide repeatable processes, rapid cycles, and high yield rates – whether in high-volume production or R&D lab work. 

To see the benefits of each please watch the video above and/or schedule a call with a specialist to discuss your application and budget to help determine which would work best for you.

• • •     Your equipment arrives ready for Design and Process Validation.     • • •


Our team is available to assist you with DV builds, IQs, OQs and PQs to help you speed up the process into full scale production.

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