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SPOTLIGHT ON: Tipping, Bonding, Flaring

Our Magnum and Quantum RF tube-forming machines are designed to produce a variety of tube forming configurations, including tipping, bonding, flaring, with a simple tooling change using our signature “black box” tooling set. Streamline production with our Quantum or Magnum RF tube-forming machine.

Watch videos below to see three custom tipping, bonding, & flaring processes!



Dilators, Sheaths, Neck-downs, Endotracheal Tips, Closed-ends, Irregular-shapes, etc.

TIP: Thick-Walled Long Dilator

Rigid hard-durometer tubing with thick walls utilize a large & long tapering die to create smooth finish with no tip flash.


Soft-tip Bonds, Butt-welds, Lap-welds, Metal-tip Adhesions, Marker-band Encapsulations, Multi-tube Bonds, etc.

BOND: Butt-Weld

Hard to soft durometer tubing utilize a tightly-controlled bonding die & material backstop to push material together for a strong bond.


Flanges, Layered/metal-braided Flares, Mushroom Tips, Rolled-over Tips, Micro-flares, etc.


Elastic tubing utilize a tightly-controlled flare die to flare and roll material over tube OD for expanded flare.

Every application varies and may have hybrids between categories. CATHTIP application engineers provide unparalleled customer support and expert solutions for the entire array of tube-forming applications from initial proof-of-concept to large-scale production.

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