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We’ve been encouraged to see our customers thriving and busy with so many new developments – thank you for letting us be a part of your success.

Speaking of new developments, this month we are introducing a new resource!  The Flex-Drill is the most flexible, cost-effective option for hole forming in catheter prototypes and early development applications.  Watch the video to learn more:


Flexible cost-effective development platform for quick catheter hole prototyping.

The Flex-Drill is handheld or mounted, and operated by a foot pedal. 

Operators can quickly and easily try new hole diameters or patterns in a variety of different tubing materials.

Enjoy smooth core evacuation and a clean workstation with the same superior Flow Thru™ drill bit technology found in all CATHTIP’s hole forming machines.

flexible catheter hole drilling machine for development
flexible hand held catheter hole drilling machine for development


Flexible Development Platform for Quick Prototyping

•   Mountable in drill press with motion platform
•   Quick removal from stand with toggle clamp
•   Hold like a pen to place holes where desired
•   Fine tune depth stop
•   Reference ruler on the side
•   Quiet operation (enclosed vacuum generator)
•   Several mounting hole options for tooling
•   T-Slot mountable
•   Control via foot pedal or robot
•   Open source tooling design platform
•   Panel dial to set speed from 100-2000 RPM for different materials

Razor Sharp Flow Thru™ Core-Capturing Drills

•   Over 2 dozen sizes of drill bits from 0.0215”-0.086”
•   Cores are cut, captured inside the drill bit, and evacuated to a filter
•   Maintains a clean workstation


Cost Effective

•   Great for prototyping, development, and early production


Pilot/Production Ready

•   Stainless steel and anodized aluminum fabricated parts great for lab or clean room
•   No software to validate thus shortening/simplifying end user validation activities


Plug and Play

•   Configurable for 120V or 240V
•   Air pressure regulation built in
•   Core collection included
•   Includes starter pack with 5 drills of customer’s choice in size


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