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Come to us for help at any stage of the catheter manufacturing process.  We love assisting customers launch new products, refine production processes, and achieve better quality parts.  Our job is to help you succeed.  We’ve created a video series to show you just what that success looks like – through all the stages of a project from design to production.  Let’s get started!


CATH-TIP PROVEN PROCESS, STEP #1:  Rapid Proof of Concept


Assistance at the Start of a Catheter Project


You have a project – a new catheter that needs to be developed or an existing part that needs to be improved. You might be on a tight timeline and want to know if the project is feasible – quickly, but not costly. We can develop proof-of-concept sample parts for you. Our normal development lead time is 2-3 weeks, but can expedited to a week or less if needed. Cost is minimal since we utilize off-the-shelf tooling in our R&D lab, which contains over 100 die geometries and hole drill bits. What you can expect from our technology and equipment are flash-less tips and burr-free holes.

You might need help with material selection:  We can help you determine what material will work best in terms of performance and manufacturability by running samples with each material type.

Once you have received samples, had time to study the results and confidence is established, we can move on to the Prototyping Stage. In the Prototyping Stage we can help you optimize the design and have custom tooling made.

We would love to help you move your project along from proof of concept or any stage in between to production. Contact us and we can discuss your project details.

Email us at solutions@cathtip.com to discuss or quote your project.  

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