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Please contact us at solutions@cathtip.com to discuss your current or upcoming projects.   With a flurry of recent orders we are quoting longer-than-normal lead times right now, so do keep that in mind.   In this issue, we’ll explore keeping your equipment in tip-top shape with machine calibration …

Machine Verification / Calibration

What is it?

Calibration is the comparison of the output or measurement of critical components compared to the standard or factory settings. If a component is out of the acceptable performance range when tested it gets re-calibrated with specific calibration equipment. If it’s not possible to re-calibrate, the component is replaced.

catheter tipping machine calibration

Why do verification/calibration?

You depend on your Cath-Tip Magnum to deliver results in demanding applications and as such, it is outfitted with precision control features that need to be maintained in order to perform at peak levels. The accuracy of the components can drift or degrade over time due to wear and tear – leading to poor performance and therefore process variability and potentially lower production output. Non-calibrated equipment can also lead to safety risks.

catheter tipping machine calibration

When to verify/calibrate?

We recommend that calibration be performed yearly to ensure that the equipment is operating safely and to its full potential.

catheter tipping machine calibration equipment

Who can perform this?

We, Cath-Tip, would prefer to provide this service as we are the designers and builders of the machines and set the standards at which they should perform. Our visit would ensure that everything is done properly and that your process will work after calibration. If you already have a calibration team or provider or would like to do it yourself we can supply you with a calibration kit and work instructions.

Contact us for a quote for your yearly calibration service or calibration kit.

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Calibration Service

How many machines do you have?

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