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The next offering in the CATHTIP Proven Process is “Process Refinement.”  Whether you have a concept catheter to prepare for market or an existing part in need of quality improvement, CATHTIP’s knowledgeable development team is equipped to assist in your production success. Episode 3 of this Proven Process video series will outline your benefits our Process Refinement provides.



CATH-TIP PROVEN PROCESS, STEP #3: Process Refinement


Accurate, Repeatable, Efficient Production


For a new catheter project, you may require proof-of-concept parts and our rapid prototyping services.  Both steps were profiled in previous episodes of our Proven Process video series.  


Now, prototypes are approved and the next step is to optimize the process.  CATHTIP’s process refinement is critical to move that catheter into successful, high-quality manufacturing.  It is also a valued step to improve the current quality level of an existing catheter product.

For the customer to integrate repeatable semi-automation, we replace the elements of the development process that were done manually with production grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum tooling and fixtures.  This facilitates long-term, repeatable quality production.  Manual operation variables are removed and development data collected to set and provide optimal output parameters. 


• • •     You receive production-grade recipes with rapid cycle times and high-quality throughput.     • • •

Our team is available to assist in your manufacturing success.  Receive proof of concept, rapid prototypes, quality improvements, process refinement, speedier processing, certified production, etc.  Contact us and we can discuss your project details.

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