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Flashless Tips! Another benefit of our Cath-Tip equipment and technology.

The combination of our tooling design and machine capability allows our customers to benefit from a burr and flash free tipping process without a post-trimming operation, saving them valuable time. The smooth transition and quality finish on the tip has also proven to reduce force insertion. Don’t believe it? Watch the video below!

VIDEO: Cath-Tip Magnum – Flashless Catheter Tipping!

  1. Eliminates post tipping trimming operation
  2. Is proven to reduce insertion force
  3. Holds a quality mirror finish


Cath-Tip is invested in improving the production process, product quality and business efficiencies of our customers. Attaining flashless tips is just one of the ways you experience better results and time savings with our Cath-Tip equipment and technology.

Join us in Minneapolis!

Experience catheter tipping and hole punching product demonstrations. Visit Cath-Tip and Cath-Punch in booth #2630 at MD&M Minneapolis in November.

catheter tipping at MD&M Minneapolis #2449

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Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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