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Development: simple & flexible

A speedy development process helps you get your product to market faster.  Easily create or adjust a recipe for your new catheter device using the updated software on the Magnum. Please read on, then let us know how we may assist you with reaching your business goals today.

catheter tipping machine MagnumThe Process: How to Create a Step

Creating a step on the grid style recipe maker is quick and easy with the Magnum’s new 3.0 Software.


Each Step consists of actions and one exit condition.  An action is an output generated by the Magnum such as motion, heat, cool pressure & clamp actuation.  You can have multiple actions run simultaneously during a step.  An exit condition dictates when a step is complete and ready to advance to the next step.


1.   Insert a step and input the description of what it entails. (For example: Load Carriage)

2.   Then, turn on one or multiple actions to run simultaneously, determined by the application’s needs. (Additional general purpose digital outputs are available for integration as well.)

3.   Then, choose one exit condition and value based off Time, Distance, Force, Temperature, Current, Digital Inputs or by the Optical Touch Buttons.

4.   Then, choose what happens when the light curtain is tripped: abort bad cycle, operator option, or ignore.

5.   Make sure to save or run when complete.

Quick Tip: You can rearrange, delete, or duplicate each step as necessary.

Create easy-to-validate recipes and get your product into production quickly with the simple, yet capable Grid-Style Recipe Editor!


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