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SPOTLIGHT ON: Pigtail Curling Process on RF Tipping Machines

CATHTIP Radio Frequency tipping machines utilize precise closed-loop temperature control, allowing equal accuracy whether modifying delicate, thin-walled material or robust thick-walled material.

The Magnum and Quantum tipping machines are capable of manufacturing complex tip configurations.

Watch our latest pigtail curling operation in action – one of our latest tool innovations for RF forming technology!

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Pigtail Curling Operation



Curling Process Characteristics: 

1. Optimized Tool Design for RF

2. Closed-Loop Temperature Control

3. Multi-Heating Method Stages

4. Active Cooling Throughout Cycle

5. Single Tube Flow Operation

6. Modular Pigtail Black Box Tooling Set



 The success of any RF tube-forming application is limited only by your imagination when using applicable tube materials and feasible forming dimensions. Call Us Today!

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