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Happy New Year!    We want 2016 to be a great year for your business – we look forward to what is in store for you.  Customer service is a top priority at Cath-Tip:   please read on about how our Development Team can provide valuable launch support;   and watch how one of our innovations can improve your production process. Then contact us about your project.

Product Development Support

Our many innovative customers design new products

for the medical community on a regular basis.

But, before launching a new device into the

marketplace, they must enter it into production.

That’s where Cath-Tip’s Development Team comes into play. They are available to support the customer’s R&D Department in formulating fabrication methods.

1. The first step is to establish the necessary best catheter tipping diesdies and tooling needed based on the customer’s technical drawings. With Cath-Tip’s supply of over 100 dies, very often one is available that is close to the desired geometry or configuration.

2. Whether it is a simple tip or a complex assembly with multiple materials and operations, the Cath-Tip team stands ready to perform the development work for proof of concept and then refine it into a production process.

3. At that stage, Cath-Tip can continue to manufacture small lots of parts or we can prepare the process and tooling to be transferred to the customer for in-house production.

catheter tipping experts4. Once the appropriate tooling elements are built they are incorporated into a modular package that facilitates quick change and minimizes setup time.

5. The process parameters are then developed and saved as a recipe file which can be loaded on the machine or transferred between machines.

6. Recipes control the specifics of heating, cooling, air flow and automation to perform the repeatable steps necessary to produce perfect parts.

 After development work is complete and it is time to ramp up, Cath-Tip’s team remains available to ensure a smooth transition into production.

Contact us TODAY with your development needs: 

email solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775

Modular Tooling Benefits:

Transitions between applications are made easy with Cath-Tip’s modular tooling – reduce setup time and add consistency. See how they can speed up production and add versatility in this short video.

How may we assist you? 

email solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775

Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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