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We are creating solutions every week!  With our Proven Process we come alongside manufacturers just like you to aid in quality, speed and accuracy. Read a Success Story where we solved a customer’s development struggles to get their prototype ready for production. Learn about coil adjustment for precision heat control. And don’t forget about our exclusive offer: half off tooling package with every Magnum purchase – good until 12-31-15!

Creating Customer Solutionsballoon-catheters-forming


Have a nice tapered tip with smooth transition to the balloon – without damaging the balloon with heat.

CHALLENGES: Prevent heat from reaching the balloon and swell of the shaft… while dealing with inconsistency of material from lot to lot.

SOLUTION: After proof of concept, the key to success was the tooling design. Cath-Tip engineers designed a die with the custom geometry that would meet the customer’s goals. A captive mandrel was also appropriate for this application in order to create flashless tips. The Cath-Tip process development team then used the part-specific tooling and calculated the parameters on the highly tune-able Magnum.



Tooling set up: The first step was to position the coil at the tip of the die to keep the heat away from the balloon, but still be able to produce a smooth transition onto the balloon. Then a captive mandrel was attached to allow production of flashless tips.

Process Development: The Magnum design allowed for a precise balance between the amount of force needed to produce a full tip and yet avoid swell. The exact amount of heat needed was dialed in using the current control closed-loop system.


  1. Insert a mandrel inside the catheter to avoid collapsing during clamping. This allowed for a consistent starting position.
  2. Lube the tip and thread it onto the captive mandrel until it reached the tapered section of the die.
  3. Press the sensors and watch the Magnum produce a perfect tip, with smooth transition onto the balloon with no buckling.

SUCCESS! The Magnum was then shipped to the customer with a developed process – ready to produce parts!


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Value of Adjustable Coil Positioning

As your production needs change – the Cath-Tip Magnum can change, too. Interchangeable and adjustable coils provide long-term value. See how easy they are to change in this short tutorial.


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