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Preview of a Software Update!      You’ve told us how much value the latest generation machines have brought to your production and development environment.   Soon we’ll release software advancements to make your operations even easier & more productive!

software for catheter tipping - line
catheter tipping bonding development software

We listen intently to our customers as we strive to continue offering the best in the industry.

We’ve packaged a great set of advancements to the Magnum’s interface to save you time and allow you to edit and develop recipes with ease.


Check out some main features and benefits.


best catheter tipping softwareEdit Recipe Button on the Operations screen for quick access

best catheter tipping softwareGrid Style Recipe Editing  to create and adjust all steps on the same screen

best catheter tipping softwareTeach Mode  to “Capture Position” and record precise carriage positioning while editing each step

best catheter tipping softwareNotes  to save important information about the process or recipe



best catheter forming softwareAdvanced Options  to input default recipe limits and values




catheter tipping and bonding software updateDigital Microscope Integration  to visually inspect parts on the screen



best catheter tipping softwareBarcode Reader  to upload recipes automatically without confusion

Other features:

Easy one-step force calibration method

Offline version

PLC diagnostics

Better handling of SI units

Log intervals settings


Upgrade coming January 2017!


Call us at 1-435-628-1775  or  write us at solutions@cathtip.com to pre-order your software upgrade.

software for catheter tipping - line

Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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