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You want solutions fast.  We understand.  To move your catheter project along, no matter at what stage you approach us, we’ve put resources into place to meet your needs.


Dies for Proof-of-Concept and Rapid Prototyping


First, we have an in-house die and drill library of over 400 configurations.  This means we can usually utilize one of these resources for your proof-of-concept.  A die is found that closely approximates your part geometry.  Accommodations are made and we produce samples using your desired extrusion. 

3D Die Printing

Second, we have assorted 3D printing capabilities to fabricate custom tooling even quicker – so more accurate samples can be produced within tight deadlines.  A technician will evaluate your part drawing and have our CAD team draft a die drawing using our proprietary techniques.  Decades of knowledge go into die formation so that your parts are formed without flash and to your exacting geometry.  3D-printed, high-temperature plastic or ceramic work well for proof-of-concept, rapid prototyping or R&D purposes and the best material is selected for processing your particular catheter at this stage. 

Third, CATHTIP operates an in-house machine shop to fabricate proprietary full production dies to our – and your – exacting standards.


Our customers enjoy extended production life and optimal RF-induction response with CATHTIP’s superior catheter tipping dies made from high-density carbide. These dies are extremely durable and resistant to wear from production cycles and cleaning operations.  We also offer alternate materials, such as stainless steel and nickel should there be sufficient reason. 


CATHTIP machines can perform multiple processes on one machine.  We do this with “black box tooling,” a configuration that holds the die setup and can be quickly changed over from one process to another. 


All these dies and tooling are manufactured to precise standards in-house.  This means you receive premium, U.S. machined parts in a timely manner.  Outfitted with CNC, lathes, EDM and more, we can respond quickly to your growing needs.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming trade shows.

View several machines in operation and examine product samples to see the fantastic output quality:

BioMed San Jose, Dec. 4-5, Booth #208

MD&M West, Feb. 11-13, Booth #953

Catheter Solutions for R&D and Production

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