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How can we serve you today?       New process development? Troubling part? Cath-Tip partners with our customers to solve development issues. Beyond providing superior equipment, we help you produce superior parts – it’s our specialty. Read about one customer’s success story below. Then tell us how we can help you.

Success Story!

I’m very impressed with you and your machine [The CathTip III Magnum].  While we have had one of your machines [Legacy] here, I have not been involved with it at all, so it was fun learning about the capabilities.  I have seen a home-made induction tipper and seen it work, and it was incredibly artsy and difficult to set up. I look forward to using a well thought out product.”

Clinical Innovations, LLC

The customer received a new Cath-Tip Magnum machine complete with a fully-tested process that our development team created for them. Additionally, an expert engineer traveled to their facility, installed the machine, and executed invaluable training. The customer established complete control over their Magnum machine.

The successful development process for the customer’s new device is one of the ways we come alongside our customers. We’re here to assist with meeting your business production goals. Our training assures your production team is ready to not only produce the initial intended part runs, but also to understand the process for future part adaptations.

Be set up for Success!

Our Magnum Training includes topics like:

•    Basic Machine Functions

•    Cath-Tip Human/Machine Interface (HMI)

•    Tipping, Bonding, Flaring Basics

•    Machine Troubleshooting


Call us at 1-435-628-1775  or  write us at solutions@cathtip.com for help with your catheter project.

Going to MDM West?

Let’s meet up in Anaheim. cath-tip MDM west

Cath-Tip: contact Cody Harris at cody@cathtip.com

Cath-Punch: contact Jeremy Bradley at jeremy@cathpunch.com

Software Upgrade

In our last issue we told you about the upcoming software update.  We packaged a great set of advancements to the Magnum’s interface to save you time and allow you to edit and develop recipes with ease.


Read about the features or order at solutions@cathtip.com.

Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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