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Can we assist with getting your new catheter project into production?  Materials recommendation?  Process fine tuning?  Machine quote?   Let us know.  We recently partnered with a customer to overcome difficulties in their bonding project.  Read how in the following case study:

 catheter bonding forming case study




We looked at the highly engineered, specialized Hytrel catheter bonded to a PET sleeve. The design engineers from this industry leading device company had a great new product to market. There was just one small problem: it took two engineers 12 minutes, one hot air machine, and a keen understanding of the game Twister to produce just one successful result. It was NOT ready for scaled production.

“Could Cath-Tip help?” they wanted to know. Could we turn this into a production reality?

Our team was game for the challenge. We sent an engineer to inspect the current process, hear the concerns and understand the requirements. He watched as one engineer held the tubing and put tension on the sleeve while the 2nd engineer used the hot air to form the bond. The entire 12 minute process was a shadow of doom over the immense potential of the project.

They asked us to greatly increase throughput, drastically cut the operator variability and improve the quality of the bond.

HOW CATH-TIP HELPEDcatheter bonding forming equipment

The work began. We designed a clamp on each side of the custom built coil that allowed us to grip the catheter by placing tension on either side of the coil pulling the PET sleeve down on the Hytrel tube and adding precise heat that made the bond secure and completely repeatable. Cath-Tip’s easily adaptable semi-automatic platform and powerful RF architecture is specifically designed to meet these sorts of challenges. Not only did we speed up the project dramatically, but our bonds also attained a 100% pass rate on their leak tests.


Process time per part was cut from 12 minutes per part down to under 2 minutes with Cath-Tip’s machine and processes. In addition to this 80% time savings, our solution cut the number of technicians from two to one AND took out the operator variability by automating the bonding process.

check mark catheter bondingCut production costs!
check mark catheter bondingResolved consistency issues!
check mark catheter bondingIncreased repeatability!
check mark catheter bondingSolved throughput problems that stem from bonding issues!
check mark catheter bondingImproved quality of bond!


A great-but-impossible concept turned into a profitable production reality.


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Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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