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Our Proven Development Process and Technical Team are ready to support your production goals. Read our Success Story below on how a recent on-site technician visit proved to save our customer their valuable time. And, view this video on the Magnum’s interface for some time-saving tips. Then tell us how we can assist you.

User-Friendly Navigation

Grants Access to Flexible Operation

See how a flexible and efficient navigation benefits your production process.   Have one or more employees trained in best operating practices – view this quick explanation of the navigation tabs: Operator, Manual, Recipe Manager, Alarm History, Help, and Advance.

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Customer benefits from time savings

with Cath-Tip’s On-Site Technician


A customer transferred a Cath-Tip machine to another facility, where staff did not have experience with RF tipping technology. The staff called Cath-Tip for help starting up the machine and setting up their tipping process.


The engineers at the new facility spoke with Cath-Tip technicians about their concerns and several approaches were discussed. In addition, phone, video, and visit support options were offered. The customer decided that they wanted to make sure that the machine would be set up properly on-site by an experienced technician for safety purposes and quicker successful production.


The customer was asked to unpack the machine to check its condition in case any damage occurred during the transfer. They were also asked to email pictures so the technician could see what tooling was installed on the machine and then determine whether he would need to bring anything with him.  After gathering all of the information from the engineer regarding the condition of the machine, the technician packed the tools and parts needed and scheduled a 1-day site visit.

technicians for catheter tipping


1. Once on site, the technician checked all the connections and installed the tooling that was missing: air lines, water lines, coil, die and mounting block. 2. He turned on the machine to check for any issues. 3. He identified an issue (no heat) and began to troubleshoot until the problem was solved. 4. Once everything was working, the technician fine-tuned the tipping process for their applications. 5. He held a training session for the engineers on how to run the equipment in general and specifically on their requested tipping processes. 6. The technician ensured that the customers were comfortable with the machine and able to run parts themselves.


Becoming proficient with RF tipping involves working through a learning curve.  Cath-Tip technicians have spent years building and commissioning machines as well as running many different kinds of parts in a wide range of materials.  By leveraging our experience, you can get your process quickly lined out and get on to the business of making parts.


The customer is now able to

  • run the machine,
  • write process recipes confidently,
  • produce parts,
  • identify when adjustments should be made to recipes and make them.


The customer had peace of mind knowing that the machine was going to be working before the technician left their facility. The customer also knew that they would not only have a working machine, but also a working tipping process and be trained on how to run the machine. The technician’s visit was a big time saver in that the customer was left with a complete working process that will give them quality, flashless tips that meet their specifications.

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