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Come talk to us at Medtec Europe in Stuttgart next week.   Stop by stand 3A27 and see why our equipment produces better parts and helps our customers achieve their business goals.   We are here to help your business’s productivity & output quality.   Also in this issue, we continue our Knowledge Base tutorials with a look at coil control & care.    Contact us.



See our machines in person!

catheter tipping exhibiting at Medtec Europe 2017
Cath-Tip and Cath-Punch will be demonstrating equipment & technology in Germany next week! 
Stop by booth 3A27 – Exhibit Hall 3 – to check out the best catheter tipping and hole drilling machines on the market. We’ll have our machines on site to demonstrate the quality and performance of our catheter equipment.
Cath-Punch’s hole drilling machines execute your catheter hole geometry with speed, precision, and proprietary core-capturing technology. Cath-Tip offers the industry’s best catheter tipping, forming, bonding, flaring and flanging machines.
Visit with us about your application needs, see equipment in action, and view samples of the wide variety of our capabilities.
Let us know you’ll be stopping by!  
email bryce@cathtip.com 

catheter tipping coil care intructionsDoes your coil look like this? 

Avoid mangled coils and heating inconsistency!


Proper coil care and positioning will improve your output consistency.



How to Pot a Coil in Epoxy


Benefits of fully potting your heating coil in epoxy: 

  • Maintain Shape
  • Durability
  • Alignment
Step 1. 
Take your heating coil and prepare for potting:
catheter tipping coil instructions
Step 2.
Take disposable custom epoxy mold template:
catheter tipping coil instructions
Step 3.
Ensure coil ID fits around center post:
catheter tipping coil instructions
Step 4.
Spray lubricant onto mold template for easy release when complete:
catheter tipping coil instructions
Step 5.
Apply and mix epoxy resin & hardener:
catheter tipping coil instructions
Step 6.
Place coil inside mold template:
catheter tipping coil instructions
Step 7.
Wait for epoxy to be thoroughly cured:
catheter tipping coil instructions
Step 8.
Carefully release fully-potted coil and use for production!:
catheter tipping coil care
catheter tipping coil care

We can epoxy your coil for you, too!

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Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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