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Let’s add to our Knowledge Base  …  Understanding the simplicity, yet versatility of the Cath-Tip machine allows you to keep production on par with development.   This issue has a short video on testing heat induction.   Also, read about our turnkey system when we answer a question from a subscriber.   Then tell us how we can help you. 

Plug In &Catheter Tipping Machines - a Turnkey solution

Produce Parts


We are often asked

“What all comes with

a Cath-Tip machine?”


Here is the answer:


When a customer purchases a machine and tooling from Cath-Tip, they receive a “turnkey” system ready and proven for production.

Cath-Tip delivers a fully developed and validated process in a superior machine. We work directly with our customers from the beginning to understand their exact manufacturing needs. We then create a production process for their specific part in our development lab and manufacture sample parts for approval.

When the customer is satisfied, modular tooling and premium dies are manufactured to precise calculations. The machine is custom built and personal recipes are entered into the hard-drive.

Our equipment is personally programmed, tested, packed and delivered with the specific end-user in mind. Our customer need only unpack and plug in.

Additionally, with our modular tooling and vast recipe storage capabilities, the equipment is ready to adapt as production needs evolve.

Ready for today. Ready for tomorrow.


Contact us at 1-435-628-1775 or  email your part drawings and tell us about your needs at solutions@cathtip.com 

How to Test Heat Induction

Heating – an essential component to your catheter product’s process development. 
Watch this short video tutorial to grow your understanding of the Magnum’s capabilities.

View the How to Position Heating Coil video page.


Call us at 1-435-628-1775  or  write us at solutions@cathtip.com for training or development assistance.

Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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