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We have good news and better news.

First, The Good News:

We are hearing from many of you that business is booming!

•     You are experiencing a lot of growth;      •     Your machines are at capacity;      •     R&D is prototyping new products;      •     Demand in your market is growing.


We are also hearing from some of you that you can’t keep up!   You’re wondering  “Will the orders level out?”   “Can we afford another machine?”   “How will we get all these new prototypes into production?”

Now … Better News:

Cath-Tip Has Resources for You!


1. Process Development:

Your Research & Development Team is anxious for you to develop a process from their drawings and/or prototypes:  If you simply don’t have time, are having difficulty getting the process configured, or can’t meet their tight deadline – call us. Our team can set to work getting the equipment dialed in for you.  (See this previous article on Process Development.)


2. Clean Room Facility Access:

  • When you receive an unexpected high volume order – call us. We’ll fulfill it in a clean room – available to our customers for the occasional surges over capacity.


  • When R&D has a new product, but you can’t spare a machine for the small quantities they want to begin producing – call us. We can do small quantity production runs for you in this clean room.


  • When your production demands are ramping up, yet you are not able to commit to purchasing a new machine – call us. We can host your production until you are ready to add one of our machines to your own facility.


3. Leasing Options:

When your production demands are ramping up, yet you are not able to commit to purchasing a new machine – call us. We have leasing options that will allow you to get that equipment into production quicker than you might think.


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How to Test for Motion

The Magnum’s precision motion platform is designed to create consistent tipping results. Watch this short video to learn how to achieve consistency in production output.

Call us at 1-435-628-1775  or  write us at solutions@cathtip.com for training or development assistance.

Contact us at solutions@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775 regarding your project, feedback or questions.

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