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How can we serve you today?       Did you know the Magnum can be adapted as you design new devices?  Read about the variety of catheters we’ve helped customers develop processes for lately.  Then tell us how we can assist you   –   our team is available to help keep your production flowing and your business growing. 

Did You Know?

Most any type of catheter you’ve designed can be formed on the Magnum.

machines to tip form bond flare catheters

Above are a few examples showing the range of products produced on Cath-Tip equipment:  


sheath and full-radius tip

fully encased steel marker


balloon to catheter bond


Our R&D Engineering Department uses the Cath-Tip Proven Process to work closely with you to develop and design tooling to produce your challenging part to spec. The results are not just better quality, but often involve less process steps than the competition. Put us to the test – Inform us of your new challenge, or current process, and see what can be done on the new Cath-Tip Magnum. (We can produce samples using our in-house tooling or custom tooling that we design specifically for your application.)
Also, the Magnum has the capacity to go from producing a part such as a multi-lumen shape transition to a balloon bond with the quick switch of the black box tooling and recipe. We’ve engineered our equipment to allow for your company’s growth – device advancement and product line changes.

View more photos of catheter types on our Applications page.


In addition to a vast spectrum of types of catheters and medical devices, our processes also work with most any thermoplastic material – including those commonly employed in our industry, as well as those more exotic.  Here are some examples of materials we work with regularly:

PTFE   •   PEEK   •   Nylon   •   ETFE   •   FEP   •   TPU   •   PP   •   PE

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Types of Catheters formed on Cath-Tip equipment:


  • forming flaring tipping catheters typesBalloon Catheter – Shaft or Tip Bond
  • Bonded Metal Tip Cryogenic
  • Bonded Metal Tip Drain Tube
  • Braid End Cap
  • Closed End Catheters
  • Dilators and Sheaths
  • Flares and Flanges
  • Hard Tip, Soft Shaft Catheters
  • IV Catheter Tipping
  • Metal-Tipped
  • Steerable Catheter
  • Multi-Lumen Shape Transition
  • Neck Down Catheters
  • Radiopaque Catheters
  • Soft Tips – Catheters
  • Strain Relief Bond
  • Swaged Metal Needle Guide
  • Lay Flat Balloon Catheter – Single or Multilumen
  • Tube In Tube Bond

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