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1. Catheter tipping equipment, development & production

Produce the highest quality parts with speed and consistency on our precision catheter tipping system. Capable of tip forming, flaring or bonding almost all thermo-plastic materials to exacting standards, our machines operate in the largest medical manufacturing environments, as well as small R&D labs, around the globe.

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2. Catheter applications

Achieve flashless tips and smooth bonds using our proven process and technology. Our catheter tip forming machines offer the best quality results – since 1995 –  in Round or Irregular Tips, Multi-Lumen Shape Transitions, Soft-Tip Fusion, Flares or Flanges, Neck Downs, Butt Welds, Angular Welds, Balloon to Catheter Welds.

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3. Premium catheter dies & tooling

For precision catheters there’s no substitute for premium tooling and dies. Our expert engineers have developed market-leading, efficient tooling systems to partner with our superior, performance dies. Our default die material is high-density carbide. We apply our proprietary design rules to our dies to deliver superior catheter tip forming results that often exceed customer expectations.

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catheter tipping process development

4. Design & development

Our innovative process development team has the solution for your catheter forming project. With decades of experience forming simple and complex parts, we formulate an economical method for proof of concept and then refine it into a production process. When getting to market is critical – our experts are here for you.

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5. Best service & support

Cath-Tip offers the industry’s best customer service. We support all sizes of manufacturing operations – from one-man start-ups to Fortune 100 companies – with phone support, remote diagnosis, service contracts, on-site technicians & training. Your results are our concern.

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6. Quality Catheter Production

Gain expert solutions for your process & production needs, from simple prototype advice to full production services. Our sister company, Production Medical, can tip, bond, flare, form or hole punch your catheters short or long term in an ISO 14644-1 Certified Class 7 clean room.

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7. Catheter hole punching

Drill fast, clean, superior-quality holes in standard and multi-lumen catheters using our sister company’s proprietary core-capture technology. Cath-Punch excels in producing burr-free catheter holes using automatic or manual indexing machines.

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catheter hole punching drilling

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