Precision Catheter Tipping Equipment, Manufacturing Solutions, and Specialty Services

The minimally invasive medical device industry is rapidly growing to meet the growth in preventative and interventional medical procedures. Speed, consistency, precision, and quality drive the equipment and specialty manufacturing conversations.

At CATHTP, our engineers hold the key to helping customers scale up catheter production through enhanced processes and equipment or our specialty manufacturing services. We take our commitment to developing precision technology that delivers burr-free tipping, bonding, flaring, and hole drilling the first time and every time.

Our best-in-class catheter tipping, bonding, flaring, and drilling technologies are customized to your application needs, ensuring quality and repeatability.

Targeted Precision

Catheter Tipping/Flaring

Magnum Tipping Machine

Catheter Hole Forming

Flex-Drill Hole-Forming Machine