Coil Winding

EBD Coil winding technology is developed specifically to wind micro coils for minimally invasive medical devices. Our coil winders can wind coils down to .001″ diameter wire on a .010″ mandrel using our innovative closed-loop filar tension control system. The machine flexibility enables the filar tension to be recipe controlled from 5 grams to 600 grams during the entire wind.   The medical-grade precision of our machines allows for the advanced production of catheters.

Multi-Filar Coil Winding

The multi-filar coil winder machine uses a camera vision system to wind fine filaments around a spinning mandrel and produce multi-filar micro coils with up to 4 filars.


Single-Filar Coil Winding

EBD 503  Single Vision Coil winder offers precision micro coil winding from a larger DIN 80 supply spool. By improving the accuracy of all controlled parameters, this machine can increase productivity through reduced rejects and faster wind speeds.