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Cath-Tip’s priority is to support the customer’s production goals. In addition to premier catheter tipping machines, tooling and equipment, we offer:

 1. Aid in process development for new devices. 

2.  Technician support via phone, video, and on site. 

3.  Tipping services from prototypes to production. 

4.  Equipment leasing. 

5.  Service contracts.

Product Launch Support with Cath-Tip’s

1. Proven Development Process

Meet your launch goals! Cath-Tip’s Development Team is available to support your R&D Department in formulating fabrication methods for the production process. Whether it is a simple tip or a complex assembly with multiple materials and operations, the Cath-Tip team stands ready to perform the development work for proof of concept and then refine it into a production process.

Tooling Elements

The first step is to establish the necessary dies and tooling needed based on the customer’s technical drawings. With Cath-Tip’s supply of over 100 dies, very often one is available that is close to the desired geometry or configuration.

Modular Package

Once the appropriate tooling elements are built they are incorporated into a modular package that facilitates quick change and minimizes setup time.



The process parameters are then developed and saved as a recipe file which can be loaded on the machine or transferred between machines. Recipes control the specifics of heating, cooling, clamping and automation to perform the repeatable steps necessary to produce perfect parts.


At that stage, Cath-Tip can continue to manufacture small lots of parts or we can prepare the process and tooling to be transferred to the customer for in-house production. We also have a partner contract manufacturer who can take over catheter production.

Call 435-628-1775 to get started using our Proven Process or send us your drawings via

2. Technician Services

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Begin with a phone call – describe the situation and a Cath-Tip technician will suggest next steps. 435-628-1775


Sometimes a visual is needed and for that Cath-Tip offers web-based video support.

A Cath-Tip technician can Skype or FaceTime with an engineer, allowing him to see the monitor display, tooling setup and part output exactly as the engineer does. The technician will walk your engineer through testing, training, implementation or troubleshooting steps. 435-628-1775




The Magnum’s onboard PC allows a Cath-Tip technician to log in remotely and control most functions of the machine from our facility.

This feature may be used for diagnostics, troubleshooting, training, or upgrading software to a newer version. 435-628-1775



To secure maximum up-time, it may be most effective for a Cath-Tip technician to visit a customer’s facility.

Cath-Tip offers on-site technicians to assist with:

  • New Process Implementation – We can help fine-tune your new device’s production process.
  • Calibration – Increase up-time and improve yield with routine calibration of your machines.
  • Training – Equip one or more employees with the knowledge of best operating practices. We offer 1- and 2-day training sessions, as well as Lunch ‘n’ Learns. (OR send your employees to us for training.)
  • Troubleshooting – We stand by our equipment and want your machines up and running those quality parts.





Technician for Catheter Tipping & Training
Development Tipping Services

3. Catheter Tipping Services

Cath-Tip offers catheter tipping from prototypes to full production.

We can produce engineering samples for customers using in-house dies (customer supplied tubing). Our inventory of over 100 dies of various sizes and geometries will approximate the customer’s design for testing. This reduces R&D costs and minimizes capital requirements.

Cath-Tip’s dies and equipment performs all types of catheter forming operations, including:

  • tube to tube bonding
  • flaring & flanging
  • welding
  • balloon bonding
  • metal bonding

Once a customer has settled on final part design, we can build custom tooling on which they can make parts to exact geometry. Or, we can continue to use our in-house dies to provide small quantity production runs – allowing the customer to put off the purchase of a tipping machine until production volumes warrant bringing it in-house. Or, we can set up full production with our partner contract medical manufacturer.

Contact us today: email drawings to solutions@cathtip.com  or call 435-628-1775

4. Equipment Leasing

Cath-Tip listened to customers’ financing needs and now offers a capital equipment lease option.

If this is the solution to meet your production goals, contact us today to get started: email sales@cathtip.com or call 435-628-1775

“Your new lease option is just what our accounting department wanted to hear! Leasing allowed us to acquire the two machines we needed to meet our increasing production demands.”

~ southern California

5. Service Contracts

Call 435-628-1775 or email us for details on our equipment service contracts.