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Catheter Tipping

Take a VIDEO TOUR of our Catheter Tipping, Bonding and Flaring Machine.   ISO-13485-2016-catheter-tipping

Superior catheter tipping – in our clean room or yours.

The Magnum


Premium Catheter Tipping Technology


Catheter tipping, flaring and bonding processes are no challenge for the CATHTIP III Magnum – a semi-automatic catheter tipping machine.

  • This catheter manufacturing system offers closed-loop feedback and control based on force, temperature, or current.
  • Maximize heat control and minimize cycle time with a PID loop.
  • Control heat, part feeding, part clamping and air-cooling on a user-friendly touchscreen.
  • Achieve precision semi-automatic part feeding and placement with a programmed Servo motor and leadscrew drive.
  • Product changeovers and die cleaning are an easy process with one-step, quick-change tooling.

We enable your catheter tipping success from proof-of-concept to production, including custom automation – contact us about your application needs.    cathinfo@cathtip.com

CATHTIP III Magnum catheter tipping machine demonstration


Catheter tipping projects are formed on CATHTIP’s powerful, solid work station equipment. Increase quality, speed, and dependability with the new CATHTIP III Magnum’s added benefits and features. It’s adaptability make it the most valued investment choice. Watch this catheter tipping demonstration video.


Enjoy efficient, reliable, and repeatable processes with CATHTIP’s engineering solutions.

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CATHTIP III Magnum – the ultimate catheter tipping machine!

The most flexible RF architecture on the market. The 450KHz, 1KW RF generator that the Cath-Tip III Magnum is built around was originally developed for heat treating steel – enough power for pretty much any plastic forming application.
Closed-loop feedback and control of linear motion based on force, temperature, or current.
High precision servo-driven linear actuator.
Programmable semi-automatic process sequence minimizes operator variability.
User-specified heat ramp with PID control.
Intuitive touchscreen interface is PC based for PC and PLC control of machine functions. On an adjustable monitor, it offers unlimited sequence length and over 1,000 savable and transferable recipes. Comes network-ready and features an easily accessible USB port.
Safety features, such as:

–  light curtains,

–  dual-touch sensors,

–  user-specified alarm,

–  3-color indicator light, and

–  E-stop.

Liquid cooled RF generator, induction coil and die mounting block.  Liquid cooling is integrated into the RF generator and ported to dual manifolds at the tooling workspace to provide cooling to the die mounting block and induction coil.  A key step in thermo-forming processes is setting the formed shape by cooling.  Liquid cooling of the die mounting block enables better process control and shorter cycle times.
Modular “Black Box” tooling design and quick disconnect for RF, air, water & gripper jaws provides for quick switch-over and 1-minute setup. Great for both R&D and production.
CE compliant

In addition to providing the functionality needed for basic catheter tipping, flaring and bonding operations, the Cath-Tip III Magnum also provides a platform on which can be configured an unlimited variety of advanced customized electro-mechanical tooling.

Key benefits and features that make our catheter tipping machines the best choice:

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