Bioabsorbable Stent Crimping Machine - CR-60-HC


The CR-60-HC Stent Crimping Machine is developed for the crimping of balloon expandable bio absorbable stents.


  • Stent and balloon positioning outside of crimper head.
  • Crimp head can be heated (max.80 °C) and cooled (min.10 °C) in the process cycle.
  • Inflation and deflation system to create high stent retention values.
  • PLC controlled system.
  • The CR-60-HC is built according to the MPT Europe BV high quality standards, resulting in a stable and robust design with minimal cost of ownership.
  • A hub-connector is available for inflation and deflation of the product during the crimping cycle to achieve better retention.
  • 6.5“ full color touch screen user interface for access to the machine parameters.

Technical Specs

Stent crimping length

60 mm crimp head. Maximum 45 mm length stents

Stent type

Biopolymer stents

Maximum diameter loading

15 mm (optionally larger sizes possible)

Minimum closing diameter

0.2 mm (software limit)

Temperature range

10 °C – 80 °C

Crimp head control

Stepper controlled position & force measurement

Diameter accuracy

+/- 0.02 mm @ 100 N

Maximum crimp force

300 N radial.

Crimping speeds

0.1 mm/s – 10 mm/s

Inflation / Deflation

6 bar max. inflation / -0.8 bar deflation

Stent positioning

Outside the crimp head (manually / optically)


6.5” colour touch panel

Control software

Recipe based

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)
Remote support option

Data logging with ethernet possible





Required air pressure

7 bar minimum

Power supply

240VAC / 1.2kW