About Us


R&D Engineering is a leading provider of manufacturing equipment, testing equipment and tooling for catheter and medical device manufacturers. Our Cath-Tech machines are used by many globally recognized medical device companies and include catheter reflow, Liner stretchers mandrel removers, bonding, tipping, and flaring, as well as cutters and skivers, to name a few. We are proud to provide engineering, quality, installation, and automation support services.

Our History

David Erikson and Rick Osterdyk started from small and simple means back in 2001 to create R & D Engineering and Machine. As a small business, it was their goal to create a company that serviced the booming medical device market in the Minnesota area. Over the years, R&D Engineering has become a supplier to many of the world’s leading medical device companies in the areas of tooling, custom automation, catheter manufacturing equipment, and service. From its humble beginnings, R&D has developed a full line of Cath-Tech catheter manufacturing equipment and has hundreds of machines installed across the world. In 2017, R&D Engineering moved into a new facility in Brooklyn Park, MN to expand its manufacturing capacity and technologies. R&D was purchased by Medical Manufacturing Technologies (MMT).

, About Us
, About Us

Our Commitments to Our Community

No business exists independent of its community and environment. On the contrary, we at MMT recognize our responsibility to society as a whole. We seek to embrace and honor differences within our sphere of influence and minimize any negative impact on the environment. In this way, we aspire to meet the challenges of tomorrow with the relentless pursuit of excellence today.

Manufacturing Made Smarter

When you need more bandwidth for a product line, more machining resources due to logistical changes, or better technology to improve your process, MMT delivers an unmatched depth of service to solve your unique and urgent business challenges.

, About Us
, About Us

Sustainability and Cultural Change

In unprecedented times, it’s critical to use our organizational power for good. MMT is committed to environmental sustainability in its workplace and community at large. We are committed to creating a safer and more sustainable business as good stewards for the earth and champions for true diversity.